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  • Default NAV for risk sizing is 5000 USD
Asset PredictionConfidence Trend Holding Holing(prior day) EntryDate EntryPrice StopLossPrice BacktestGraph Trade Unit_Size LatestDate
AVAX-USDT 0.21 Bear -2.720000e+01 -1.360000e+01 2024-01-05 3.466352e+01 4.200545e+01 Backtest AVAX-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.362039e+01 2024-01-05
RNDR-USDT 0.19 Bear -2.576000e+02 -1.288000e+02 2024-01-05 3.723784e+00 4.500249e+00 Backtest RNDR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.287888e+02 2024-01-05
JASMY-USDT 0.19 Bear -1.968343e+05 -9.841720e+04 2024-01-05 5.218979e-03 6.235062e-03 Backtest JASMY-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.841716e+04 2024-01-05
MANA-USDT 0.14 Bear -2.862000e+03 -1.431000e+03 2024-01-05 4.272998e-01 4.971806e-01 Backtest MANA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.431008e+03 2024-01-05
AGIX-USDT 0.13 Bear -5.876600e+03 -3.917700e+03 2024-01-05 2.644851e-01 3.155349e-01 Backtest AGIX-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.958870e+03 2024-01-05
DOGE-USDT 0.13 Bear -2.977090e+04 -1.984730e+04 2024-01-05 7.947076e-02 8.954771e-02 Backtest DOGE-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.923640e+03 2024-01-05
APE-USDT 0.12 Bear -1.635900e+03 -1.227000e+03 2024-01-05 1.337247e+00 1.581753e+00 Backtest APE-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.089869e+02 2024-01-05
FLUX-USDT 0.11 Bear -9.647000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-05 5.410000e-01 6.446609e-01 Backtest FLUX-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.646838e+02 2024-01-05
KLAY-USDT 0.11 Bear -1.194470e+04 -8.958500e+03 2024-01-05 1.863562e-01 2.198438e-01 Backtest KLAY-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.986171e+03 2024-01-05
ARPA-USDT 0.09 Bull 2.062290e+04 1.031140e+04 2024-01-05 7.110200e-02 6.140404e-02 Backtest ARPA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.031144e+04 2024-01-05
IOST-USDT 0.09 Bear -2.085061e+05 -1.390041e+05 2024-01-05 8.604597e-03 1.004340e-02 Backtest IOST-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.950205e+04 2024-01-05
OCEAN-USDT 0.08 Bear -4.058500e+03 -2.705600e+03 2024-01-05 4.296401e-01 5.035599e-01 Backtest OCEAN-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.352819e+03 2024-01-05
T-USDT 0.08 Bull 1.390859e+05 1.043144e+05 2024-01-05 3.239000e-02 2.951408e-02 Backtest T-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.477148e+04 2024-01-05
JST-USDT 0.06 Bear -3.448360e+04 0.000000e+00 2024-01-05 2.943759e-02 3.233752e-02 Backtest JST-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.448358e+04 2024-01-05
CRV-USDT 0.04 Bear -2.035500e+03 -1.017800e+03 2024-01-05 5.384361e-01 6.366918e-01 Backtest CRV-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.017753e+03 2024-01-05
EOS-USDT 0.01 Bear -9.446000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-05 7.093000e-01 8.151657e-01 Backtest EOS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.445930e+02 2024-01-05
PEPE-USDT 0.01 Bear -6.905354e+08 -3.452677e+08 2024-01-05 1.130392e-06 1.420023e-06 Backtest PEPE-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.452677e+08 2024-01-05
XMR-USDT -0.00 Bear -2.260000e+01 -1.510000e+01 2024-01-05 1.506531e+02 1.639208e+02 Backtest XMR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.537052e+00 2024-01-05
FLOKI-USDT -0.02 Bear -4.782797e+07 -3.188531e+07 2024-01-05 2.954976e-05 3.582224e-05 Backtest FLOKI-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.594266e+07 2024-01-05
LINA-USDT -0.03 Bear -1.982138e+05 -1.321425e+05 2024-01-05 8.564241e-03 1.007776e-02 Backtest LINA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.607127e+04 2024-01-05
PEOPLE-USDT -0.05 Bull 1.818971e+05 1.364228e+05 2024-01-05 3.996000e-02 3.776095e-02 Backtest PEOPLE-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.547427e+04 2024-01-05
HIGH-USDT -0.10 Bear -5.256000e+02 -2.628000e+02 2024-01-05 1.397870e+00 1.778390e+00 Backtest HIGH-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.627978e+02 2024-01-05
REN-USDT -0.16 Bear -6.913200e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-05 5.688000e-02 7.134510e-02 Backtest REN-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.913191e+03 2024-01-05
SFP-USDT -0.29 Bear -9.505000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-05 6.759000e-01 7.811112e-01 Backtest SFP-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.504693e+02 2024-01-05
EDU-USDT -0.29 Bear -7.944000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-05 5.974200e-01 7.233040e-01 Backtest EDU-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.943818e+02 2024-01-05
VRA-USDT 0.23 Bear -2.290484e+05 -2.290484e+05 2024-01-04 5.495117e-03 6.804883e-03 Backtest VRA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.634947e+04 2024-01-05
SNX-USDT 0.16 Bear -2.888000e+02 -2.888000e+02 2024-01-04 3.239597e+00 3.932084e+00 Backtest SNX-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.444071e+02 2024-01-05
XRP-USDT 0.14 Bear -3.571900e+03 -3.571900e+03 2024-01-04 5.653919e-01 6.213844e-01 Backtest XRP-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.785954e+03 2024-01-05
RVN-USDT 0.13 Bear -7.498860e+04 -7.498860e+04 2024-01-04 1.922323e-02 2.189030e-02 Backtest RVN-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.749430e+04 2024-01-05
SSV-USDT 0.10 Bull 3.080000e+01 3.080000e+01 2024-01-04 3.351302e+01 2.702093e+01 Backtest SSV-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.540336e+01 2024-01-05
REEF-USDT 0.09 Bear -1.159395e+05 -1.159395e+05 2024-01-04 2.315000e-03 3.177519e-03 Backtest REEF-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.159395e+05 2024-01-05
LDO-USDT 0.09 Bull 1.706000e+02 1.706000e+02 2024-01-04 3.502600e+00 2.916300e+00 Backtest LDO-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.705611e+02 2024-01-05
LTC-USDT 0.05 Bear -4.820000e+01 -4.820000e+01 2024-01-04 6.366750e+01 6.989751e+01 Backtest LTC-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.605132e+01 2024-01-05
STX-USDT 0.00 Bull 3.077000e+02 3.077000e+02 2024-01-04 1.741700e+00 1.416687e+00 Backtest STX-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.076798e+02 2024-01-05
AMB-USDT -0.03 Bear -1.623598e+05 -1.623598e+05 2024-01-04 6.792042e-03 8.023874e-03 Backtest AMB-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 8.117992e+04 2024-01-05
LUNC-USDT 0.18 Bear -7.692452e+06 -7.692452e+06 2024-01-03 1.159900e-04 1.549893e-04 Backtest LUNC-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.564151e+06 2024-01-05
PENDLE-USDT 0.18 Bull 9.795000e+02 9.795000e+02 2024-01-03 1.431048e+00 1.226856e+00 Backtest PENDLE-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.897336e+02 2024-01-05
GAS-USDT 0.08 Bear -1.423000e+02 -1.423000e+02 2024-01-03 5.882500e+00 7.177400e+00 Backtest GAS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.115453e+01 2024-01-05
RDNT-USDT 0.05 Bull 1.808200e+03 1.808200e+03 2024-01-03 3.470000e-01 2.916975e-01 Backtest RDNT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.808237e+03 2024-01-05
STORJ-USDT 0.04 Bear -1.178200e+03 -1.178200e+03 2024-01-03 6.205626e-01 7.903122e-01 Backtest STORJ-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.891031e+02 2024-01-05
ATOM-USDT 0.03 Bear -1.263000e+02 -1.263000e+02 2024-01-03 9.818227e+00 1.140132e+01 Backtest ATOM-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.316758e+01 2024-01-05
DASH-USDT 0.03 Bear -4.340000e+01 -4.340000e+01 2024-01-03 2.854728e+01 3.315817e+01 Backtest DASH-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.168777e+01 2024-01-05
ZEC-USDT 0.01 Bear -1.044000e+02 -1.044000e+02 2024-01-03 2.464928e+01 2.848224e+01 Backtest ZEC-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.608946e+01 2024-01-05
UNFI-USDT 0.01 Bear -1.247000e+02 -1.247000e+02 2024-01-03 6.102157e+00 7.705530e+00 Backtest UNFI-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.236852e+01 2024-01-05
LUNA-USDT 0.00 Bear -1.530800e+03 -1.530800e+03 2024-01-03 7.011000e-01 8.970727e-01 Backtest LUNA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.102751e+02 2024-01-05
DC-USDT -0.02 Bear -6.717747e+05 -6.717747e+05 2024-01-03 7.255703e-04 9.299000e-04 Backtest DC-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.358874e+05 2024-01-05
BOB-USDT 0.41 Bear -4.841626e+06 -4.841626e+06 2024-01-02 2.578800e-05 4.500000e-05 Backtest BOB-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.841626e+06 2024-01-05
XCN-USDT 0.26 Bear -9.652963e+05 -9.652963e+05 2024-01-02 1.359215e-03 1.773595e-03 Backtest XCN-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.413241e+05 2024-01-05
ACH-USDT 0.22 Bear -3.013220e+04 -3.013220e+04 2024-01-02 1.850000e-02 2.181871e-02 Backtest ACH-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.013222e+04 2024-01-05
AR-USDT 0.19 Bear -5.400000e+01 -5.400000e+01 2024-01-02 8.477000e+00 1.032734e+01 Backtest AR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.404419e+01 2024-01-05
COMP-USDT 0.14 Bear -1.010000e+01 -1.010000e+01 2024-01-02 4.730000e+01 5.715832e+01 Backtest COMP-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.014372e+01 2024-01-05
NEO-USDT 0.12 Bear -4.830000e+01 -4.830000e+01 2024-01-02 1.174110e+01 1.381320e+01 Backtest NEO-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.826026e+01 2024-01-05
LRC-USDT 0.12 Bear -1.934500e+03 -1.934500e+03 2024-01-02 2.459000e-01 2.975941e-01 Backtest LRC-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.934456e+03 2024-01-05
OMG-USDT 0.12 Bear -7.316000e+02 -7.316000e+02 2024-01-02 7.030000e-01 8.396886e-01 Backtest OMG-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.315899e+02 2024-01-05
ENJ-USDT 0.11 Bear -1.707600e+03 -1.707600e+03 2024-01-02 3.000000e-01 3.585621e-01 Backtest ENJ-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.707590e+03 2024-01-05
ANKR-USDT 0.11 Bear -1.925500e+04 -1.925500e+04 2024-01-02 2.400000e-02 2.919345e-02 Backtest ANKR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.925502e+04 2024-01-05
CHZ-USDT 0.10 Bear -9.011500e+03 -9.011500e+03 2024-01-02 7.500000e-02 8.609697e-02 Backtest CHZ-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.011465e+03 2024-01-05
FTT-USDT 0.09 Bear -2.289000e+02 -2.289000e+02 2024-01-02 2.799658e+00 3.645000e+00 Backtest FTT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.629598e+01 2024-01-05
ZIL-USDT 0.08 Bear -3.330940e+04 -3.330940e+04 2024-01-02 2.127000e-02 2.427215e-02 Backtest ZIL-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.330942e+04 2024-01-05
RSR-USDT 0.07 Bear -1.836566e+05 -1.836566e+05 2024-01-02 2.550000e-03 3.094495e-03 Backtest RSR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.836566e+05 2024-01-05
SXP-USDT 0.05 Bear -1.678000e+03 -1.678000e+03 2024-01-02 3.432000e-01 4.027951e-01 Backtest SXP-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.677990e+03 2024-01-05
ORBS-USDT 0.05 Bear -3.836220e+04 -3.836220e+04 2024-01-02 3.562990e-02 4.185000e-02 Backtest ORBS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.278738e+04 2024-01-05
ALPHA-USDT 0.05 Bear -3.549600e+03 -3.549600e+03 2024-01-02 1.072200e-01 1.353919e-01 Backtest ALPHA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.549639e+03 2024-01-05
TWT-USDT 0.05 Bear -5.650000e+02 -5.650000e+02 2024-01-02 1.076000e+00 1.253001e+00 Backtest TWT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.649697e+02 2024-01-05
DAR-USDT 0.05 Bear -4.208000e+03 -4.208000e+03 2024-01-02 1.254000e-01 1.491641e-01 Backtest DAR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.208028e+03 2024-01-05
YFI-USDT 0.04 Bear -2.000000e-01 -2.000000e-01 2024-01-02 7.242385e+03 8.676150e+03 Backtest YFI-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.717493e-02 2024-01-05
LINK-USDT -0.02 Bear -4.670000e+01 -4.670000e+01 2024-01-02 1.363220e+01 1.577253e+01 Backtest LINK-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.672187e+01 2024-01-05
UMA-USDT -0.02 Bear -2.485000e+02 -2.485000e+02 2024-01-02 1.956000e+00 2.358466e+00 Backtest UMA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.484679e+02 2024-01-05
LOOKS-USDT -0.10 Bear -1.565100e+04 -1.565100e+04 2024-01-02 7.123188e-02 9.650000e-02 Backtest LOOKS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.912748e+03 2024-01-05
COMBO-USDT -0.16 Bear -6.869000e+02 -6.869000e+02 2024-01-02 7.593000e-01 9.048853e-01 Backtest COMBO-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.868823e+02 2024-01-05
NFT-USDT -0.23 Bear -2.213176e+09 -2.213176e+09 2024-01-02 4.100000e-07 4.551839e-07 Backtest NFT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.213176e+09 2024-01-05
BOND-USDT -1.20 Bear -8.520000e+01 -8.520000e+01 2024-01-02 3.474000e+00 4.647406e+00 Backtest BOND-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 8.522200e+01 2024-01-05
ARB-USDT 0.04 Bull 2.015900e+03 2.015900e+03 2023-12-31 1.612820e+00 1.414393e+00 Backtest ARB-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.039656e+02 2024-01-05
GNS-USDT -0.03 Bull 6.695000e+02 6.695000e+02 2023-12-31 5.204717e+00 4.607283e+00 Backtest GNS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.673824e+02 2024-01-05
NYM-USDT 0.13 Bull 2.325150e+04 2.325150e+04 2023-12-30 2.007024e-01 1.858000e-01 Backtest NYM-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.812873e+03 2024-01-05
SEI-USDT 0.22 Bull 4.689300e+03 4.689300e+03 2023-12-29 5.507000e-01 4.654001e-01 Backtest SEI-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.172334e+03 2024-01-05
NMR-USDT -0.20 Bull 1.858000e+02 1.858000e+02 2023-12-29 1.943682e+01 1.728373e+01 Backtest NMR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.644469e+01 2024-01-05
BNB-USDT 0.18 Bull 2.170000e+01 2.170000e+01 2023-12-25 2.767025e+02 2.853150e+02 Backtest BNB-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.414236e+00 2024-01-05
MINA-USDT 0.14 Bull 2.385100e+03 2.385100e+03 2023-12-25 1.210926e+00 1.050800e+00 Backtest MINA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.962838e+02 2024-01-05
ASTR-USDT 0.08 Bull 3.978510e+04 3.978510e+04 2023-12-12 8.094051e-02 1.168100e-01 Backtest ASTR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.946281e+03 2024-01-05
ICP-USDT 0.20 Bull 6.920000e+02 6.920000e+02 2023-12-08 5.415015e+00 8.757000e+00 Backtest ICP-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.730016e+02 2024-01-05
ORDI-USDT 0.33 Bull 7.045000e+02 7.045000e+02 2023-10-22 4.477243e+00 6.278580e+01 Backtest ORDI-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.761271e+02 2024-01-05

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