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ONTUSDT (13465)DASHETH (13460)BCHUSDC (13470)RVNUSDT (13463)SNMBTC (13462)DASHUSDT (13581)ONGUSDT (13464)GTOUSDT (13482)WAVESBUSD (13467)CTXCUSDT (13467)NULSUSDT (13487)BNTBTC (13462)RUNEUSDT (13466)MTHBTC (13462)LRCBUSD (13466)RVNBUSD (13462)GVTBTC (13461)DCRBUSD (13465)ETHTUSD (13464)FUNUSDT (13464)EOSTUSD (13486)RUNEBUSD (13466)SNTBTC (13462)DNTBTC (13462)QSPBNB (13461)ZENUSDT (13466)XLMUSDC (13476)ARPAUSDT (13463)USDTTRY (13461)BTCUSDT (13863)NEOBNB (13461)YOYOBNB (13462)USDTBVND (13461)ADATUSD (13468)BUSDIDRT (13467)ETCUSDT (13586)ADXETH (13460)MCOETH (13463)SNTETH (13463)ETHBUSD (13464)BATBUSD (13466)BCHABUSD (13470)WINUSDT (13463)TRXBTC (13462)KNCBUSD (13466)ZRXUSDT (13570)AVAXBUSD (13464)XRPUSDT (13569)BCHBUSD (13470)ATOMUSDT (13555)MTLETH (13462)IOTABNB (13460)EOSUSDC (13477)FUNETH (13462)BATUSDT (13567)RDNETH (13462)CELRUSDT (13463)LINKETH (13462)GHSTBUSD (13462)YFIIUSDT (13462)WTCBTC (13463)MDAETH (13462)ENGBTC (13462)VTHOBUSD (13466)REQETH (13462)STORJETH (13462)SNGLSBTC (13462)CMTETH (13460)PPTBTC (13460)XTZUSDT (13572)OMGBTC (13463)YFIIBUSD (13462)BGBPUSDC (13461)BANDUSDT (13463)WINUSDC (13463)DLTBNB (13462)NEOTUSD (13469)NEOBUSD (13462)QSPETH (13461)DOGEUSDT (13555)FTTUSDT (13468)DGDETH (13460)KMDETH (13462)QTUMBUSD (13468)RDNBTC (13462)BCPTBTC (13462)BNTBUSD (13462)TFUELUSDT (13463)BCPTETH (13461)ADABUSD (13467)QTUMUSDT (13468)NULSBNB (13462)TNTBTC (13461)ZECUSDT (13591)KEYUSDT (13483)VETBUSD (13464)ETHUSDT (13772)SNMETH (13462)ONTBUSD (13463)ADAUSDC (13467)ICXBUSD (13462)WAVESTUSD (13471)OCEANBUSD (13466)CMTBTC (13460)POWRETH (13462)GASBTC (13463)LTCBUSD (13475)XMRETH (13462)AVAXUSDT (13464)RDNBNB (13462)KSMUSDT (13465)WAVESUSDT (13469)PERLUSDT (13461)MDABTC (13462)LSKETH (13461)XZCUSDT (13467)WTCBNB (13462)LTCUSDT (13592)XZCETH (13461)PPTETH (13460)LTCUSDC (13483)REQBTC (13462)ADXBTC (13460)ZRXBTC (13463)GXSETH (13461)RCNBNB (13462)ATOMTUSD (13474)XRPETH (13462)MFTUSDT (13464)OMGUSDT (13475)TRXETH (13462)USDTUAH (13467)EOSUSDT (13584)LINKTUSD (13472)NKNUSDT (13476)RENUSDT (13473)FETUSDT (13467)LINKUSDT (13570)NULSBTC (13462)MTLBTC (13462)STORMUSDT (13468)XLMUSDT (13571)THETAUSDT (13463)ZILUSDT (13467)ENJETH (13462)GXSBTC (13461)LINKBUSD (13463)BUSDTRY (13461)BUSDRUB (13461)DOTBUSD (13462)EOSBUSD (13468)REPBTC (13564)XZCBNB (13461)ONTUSDC (13475)ARKBTC (13462)ICXUSDT (13466)DGDBTC (13460)EGLDUSDT (13466)RCNBTC (13462)DLTETH (13462)NEOUSDT (13468)POWRBNB (13462)OMGETH (13463)DREPUSDT (13463)WRXUSDT (13463)BTSBTC (13461)FUNBTC (13462)NEOETH (13462)GVTETH (13461)BTGETH (13462)CVCUSDT (13463)ASTBTC (13462)ASTETH (13462)BATTUSD (13467)ADAUSDT (13467)VIBBTC (13462)FUELBTC (13461)XLMBTC (13460)COCOSUSDT (13467)DENTUSDT (13468)ZECUSDC (13475)STRATBTC (13462)DUSKUSDT (13463)USDSPAX (13469)BCDETH (13461)BATETH (13462)IOTAUSDT (13465)USDCUSDT (13549)ERDUSDT (13461)LINKUSDC (13464)USDSTUSD (13469)ETHUSDC (13465)TRXBUSD (13462)ETCBUSD (13471)XLMBUSD (13478)IOSTUSDT (13464)ENGETH (13462)NEOBTC (13463)ARKETH (13462)BCHUSDT (13577)

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Our clients say

"I used to trade very emotional without any discipline, AlphaGen.Biz is a life saver to make my trading consistent and objective."
Hilary Leigh
"Thank you to AlphaGen.Biz who applied the Hedge Fund systematic approach to retail world that we retail traders finally have our tool in trading market."
Hall Read
"Trading is excited and you can easily lose focus and trade too much or too often without a system. Alphagen.Biz is such a great tool to help me master the systematic trading."
Quintin Angus
"I like Alphagen.Biz design of simplicity and dedicated for retail traders. It is also very easy to use and I spend only 3 mins of day on trading consistently."
Jillie Tempest

Frequently asked questions

Alpha generation platform is a technology used widely in algorithmic trading units of Hedge Fund and Big Financial Institutes to develop quantitative financial models, or trading strategies, that generate consistent alpha, or absolute returns. The process of alpha generation refers to generating excess returns. brings alpha generation process from hedge fund world but makes it simpler for retail traders’ need.

The idea came from our founder’s belief that retail traders deserve the same technology and process as the hedge fund so that they gain a competitive advantage in trading market.

Yes , unlike other sophisticated trading apps, Alphagen.Giz is designed for retail investor , especially those who do not have full time effort in trading but barely spend minimum 3 mins time each day to trade and make profit.  

We have 3 levels memberships to use our products depends on your trading needs.

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