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  • Default NAV for risk sizing is 5000 USD
Asset PredictionConfidence Trend Holding Holing(prior day) EntryDate EntryPrice StopLossPrice BacktestGraph Trade Unit_Size LatestDate
ORDI-USDT 0.33 Neutral 0.000000e+00 7.045000e+02 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest ORDI-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.761271e+02 2024-01-07
ADA-USDT 0.28 Bear -1.080500e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 4.810000e-01 5.735508e-01 Backtest ADA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.080487e+03 2024-01-07
ACH-USDT 0.22 Bear -6.026440e+04 -3.013220e+04 2024-01-07 1.767032e-02 2.098903e-02 Backtest ACH-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.013222e+04 2024-01-07
AVAX-USDT 0.21 Bear -4.090000e+01 -2.720000e+01 2024-01-07 3.282803e+01 4.016997e+01 Backtest AVAX-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.362039e+01 2024-01-07
GMT-USDT 0.21 Bull 2.847800e+03 1.423900e+03 2024-01-07 4.044576e-01 3.342273e-01 Backtest GMT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.423887e+03 2024-01-07
SLP-USDT 0.20 Bear -1.518343e+05 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 2.669000e-03 3.327613e-03 Backtest SLP-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.518343e+05 2024-01-07
VET-USDT 0.19 Bear -1.912700e+04 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 2.770130e-02 3.292950e-02 Backtest VET-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.912704e+04 2024-01-07
RNDR-USDT 0.19 Bear -3.864000e+02 -2.576000e+02 2024-01-07 3.529667e+00 4.306133e+00 Backtest RNDR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.287888e+02 2024-01-07
AR-USDT 0.19 Bear -1.621000e+02 -1.081000e+02 2024-01-07 7.551831e+00 9.402169e+00 Backtest AR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.404419e+01 2024-01-07
JASMY-USDT 0.19 Bear -2.952515e+05 -1.968343e+05 2024-01-07 4.964959e-03 5.981041e-03 Backtest JASMY-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.841716e+04 2024-01-07
DUSK-USDT 0.18 Bear -3.052000e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 1.478700e-01 1.806356e-01 Backtest DUSK-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.051985e+03 2024-01-07
LUNC-USDT 0.18 Bear -1.025660e+07 -7.692452e+06 2024-01-07 1.062402e-04 1.452395e-04 Backtest LUNC-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.564151e+06 2024-01-07
PENDLE-USDT 0.17 Neutral 0.000000e+00 9.795000e+02 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest PENDLE-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.897336e+02 2024-01-07
THETA-USDT 0.16 Bear -4.303000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 1.000100e+00 1.232480e+00 Backtest THETA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.303304e+02 2024-01-07
SAND-USDT 0.16 Bear -1.047600e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 4.453100e-01 5.407671e-01 Backtest SAND-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.047591e+03 2024-01-07
EGLD-USDT 0.16 Bear -8.600000e+00 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 4.963000e+01 6.124516e+01 Backtest EGLD-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 8.609439e+00 2024-01-07
HBAR-USDT 0.16 Bear -7.644200e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 7.457000e-02 8.765174e-02 Backtest HBAR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.644245e+03 2024-01-07
GRT-USDT 0.14 Bear -2.772600e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 1.518400e-01 1.879077e-01 Backtest GRT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.772565e+03 2024-01-07
MANA-USDT 0.14 Bear -4.293000e+03 -2.862000e+03 2024-01-07 4.098296e-01 4.797104e-01 Backtest MANA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.431008e+03 2024-01-07
TRU-USDT 0.14 Bear -9.370300e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 4.711000e-02 5.778196e-02 Backtest TRU-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.370350e+03 2024-01-07
RVN-USDT 0.14 Bear -1.499772e+05 -1.124829e+05 2024-01-07 1.788970e-02 2.055677e-02 Backtest RVN-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.749430e+04 2024-01-07
MINA-USDT 0.14 Neutral 0.000000e+00 2.385100e+03 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest MINA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.962838e+02 2024-01-07
AGIX-USDT 0.13 Bear -7.835500e+03 -5.876600e+03 2024-01-07 2.517226e-01 3.027725e-01 Backtest AGIX-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.958870e+03 2024-01-07
DOGE-USDT 0.13 Bear -3.969460e+04 -2.977090e+04 2024-01-07 7.695153e-02 8.702847e-02 Backtest DOGE-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.923640e+03 2024-01-07
NEO-USDT 0.12 Bear -1.448000e+02 -9.650000e+01 2024-01-07 1.070505e+01 1.277715e+01 Backtest NEO-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.826026e+01 2024-01-07
LRC-USDT 0.12 Bear -5.803400e+03 -3.868900e+03 2024-01-07 2.200529e-01 2.717471e-01 Backtest LRC-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.934456e+03 2024-01-07
OMG-USDT 0.12 Bear -2.194800e+03 -1.463200e+03 2024-01-07 6.346557e-01 7.713443e-01 Backtest OMG-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.315899e+02 2024-01-07
WAVES-USDT 0.11 Bear -2.055000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 2.271000e+00 2.757719e+00 Backtest WAVES-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.054572e+02 2024-01-07
ENJ-USDT 0.11 Bear -5.122800e+03 -3.415200e+03 2024-01-07 2.707190e-01 3.292810e-01 Backtest ENJ-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.707590e+03 2024-01-07
ANKR-USDT 0.11 Bear -3.851000e+04 -1.925500e+04 2024-01-07 2.270164e-02 2.789509e-02 Backtest ANKR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.925502e+04 2024-01-07
FLUX-USDT 0.11 Bear -2.894100e+03 -1.929400e+03 2024-01-07 4.891695e-01 5.928305e-01 Backtest FLUX-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.646838e+02 2024-01-07
SSV-USDT 0.10 Neutral 0.000000e+00 3.080000e+01 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest SSV-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.540336e+01 2024-01-07
CHZ-USDT 0.10 Bear -1.802290e+04 -9.011500e+03 2024-01-07 7.222576e-02 8.332273e-02 Backtest CHZ-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.011465e+03 2024-01-07
XEC-USDT 0.10 Bear -1.694074e+07 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 3.032000e-05 3.622293e-05 Backtest XEC-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.694074e+07 2024-01-07
XEM-USDT 0.09 Bear -1.717090e+04 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 3.137200e-02 3.719582e-02 Backtest XEM-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.717086e+04 2024-01-07
FRONT-USDT 0.09 Neutral 0.000000e+00 1.003300e+03 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest FRONT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.003284e+03 2024-01-07
IOST-USDT 0.09 Bear -2.780082e+05 -2.085061e+05 2024-01-07 8.244895e-03 9.683702e-03 Backtest IOST-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.950205e+04 2024-01-07
ALGO-USDT 0.08 Bear -2.652100e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 1.640000e-01 2.017055e-01 Backtest ALGO-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.652134e+03 2024-01-07
GAS-USDT 0.08 Bear -2.846000e+02 -2.135000e+02 2024-01-07 5.179804e+00 6.585196e+00 Backtest GAS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.115453e+01 2024-01-07
ZIL-USDT 0.08 Bear -6.661880e+04 -3.330940e+04 2024-01-07 2.051946e-02 2.352162e-02 Backtest ZIL-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.330942e+04 2024-01-07
OXT-USDT 0.08 Bear -4.671800e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 8.743000e-02 1.088349e-01 Backtest OXT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.671837e+03 2024-01-07
OCEAN-USDT 0.08 Bear -5.411300e+03 -4.058500e+03 2024-01-07 4.111602e-01 4.850799e-01 Backtest OCEAN-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.352819e+03 2024-01-07
ONT-USDT 0.07 Bear -2.079700e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 2.157800e-01 2.638639e-01 Backtest ONT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.079700e+03 2024-01-07
RSR-USDT 0.07 Bear -3.673131e+05 -1.836566e+05 2024-01-07 2.413876e-03 2.958371e-03 Backtest RSR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.836566e+05 2024-01-07
ASTR-USDT 0.07 Neutral 0.000000e+00 3.978510e+04 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest ASTR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.946281e+03 2024-01-07
JST-USDT 0.06 Bear -6.896720e+04 -3.448360e+04 2024-01-07 2.871261e-02 3.161254e-02 Backtest JST-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.448358e+04 2024-01-07
SXP-USDT 0.05 Bear -3.356000e+03 -1.678000e+03 2024-01-07 3.283012e-01 3.878963e-01 Backtest SXP-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.677990e+03 2024-01-07
LTC-USDT 0.05 Bear -6.420000e+01 -4.820000e+01 2024-01-07 6.210999e+01 6.834001e+01 Backtest LTC-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.605132e+01 2024-01-07
ALPHA-USDT 0.05 Bear -1.064890e+04 -7.099300e+03 2024-01-07 9.313406e-02 1.213059e-01 Backtest ALPHA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.549639e+03 2024-01-07
TWT-USDT 0.05 Bear -1.129900e+03 -5.650000e+02 2024-01-07 1.031750e+00 1.208750e+00 Backtest TWT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.649697e+02 2024-01-07
DAR-USDT 0.05 Bear -1.262410e+04 -8.416100e+03 2024-01-07 1.135179e-01 1.372821e-01 Backtest DAR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.208028e+03 2024-01-07
RDNT-USDT 0.05 Neutral 0.000000e+00 1.808200e+03 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest RDNT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.808237e+03 2024-01-07
DASH-USDT 0.04 Bear -8.680000e+01 -6.510000e+01 2024-01-07 2.624183e+01 3.085272e+01 Backtest DASH-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.168777e+01 2024-01-07
CRV-USDT 0.04 Bear -4.071000e+03 -3.053300e+03 2024-01-07 4.893082e-01 5.875639e-01 Backtest CRV-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.017753e+03 2024-01-07
STORJ-USDT 0.04 Bear -2.356400e+03 -1.767300e+03 2024-01-07 5.356878e-01 7.054374e-01 Backtest STORJ-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.891031e+02 2024-01-07
KAVA-USDT 0.04 Bear -8.464000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 7.250000e-01 8.431445e-01 Backtest KAVA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 8.464209e+02 2024-01-07
ICX-USDT 0.04 Bear -2.283700e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 2.130000e-01 2.567880e-01 Backtest ICX-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.283732e+03 2024-01-07
ATOM-USDT 0.03 Bear -2.527000e+02 -1.895000e+02 2024-01-07 9.026682e+00 1.060977e+01 Backtest ATOM-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.316758e+01 2024-01-07
XTZ-USDT 0.03 Bear -6.753000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 8.455200e-01 9.936028e-01 Backtest XTZ-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.752981e+02 2024-01-07
MASK-USDT 0.03 Neutral 0.000000e+00 3.469000e+02 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest MASK-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.734333e+02 2024-01-07
PEPE-USDT 0.02 Bear -1.035803e+09 -6.905354e+08 2024-01-07 1.057985e-06 1.347615e-06 Backtest PEPE-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.452677e+08 2024-01-07
BLUR-USDT 0.01 Bear -8.763000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 4.117000e-01 5.258223e-01 Backtest BLUR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 8.762533e+02 2024-01-07
LUNA-USDT 0.01 Bear -2.041100e+03 -1.530800e+03 2024-01-07 6.521068e-01 8.480795e-01 Backtest LUNA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.102751e+02 2024-01-07
EOS-USDT 0.01 Bear -1.889200e+03 -9.446000e+02 2024-01-07 6.828336e-01 7.886993e-01 Backtest EOS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.445930e+02 2024-01-07
UNFI-USDT 0.01 Bear -2.495000e+02 -1.871000e+02 2024-01-07 5.300470e+00 6.903843e+00 Backtest UNFI-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.236852e+01 2024-01-07
AMB-USDT 0.01 Bear -3.247197e+05 -2.435398e+05 2024-01-07 6.176126e-03 7.407958e-03 Backtest AMB-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 8.117992e+04 2024-01-07
UNI-USDT 0.00 Bear -9.580000e+01 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 5.751700e+00 6.795023e+00 Backtest UNI-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.584761e+01 2024-01-07
FLOW-USDT 0.00 Bear -5.895000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 7.300000e-01 8.996305e-01 Backtest FLOW-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.895165e+02 2024-01-07
CELR-USDT 0.00 Bear -2.271420e+04 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 1.804000e-02 2.244253e-02 Backtest CELR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.271419e+04 2024-01-07
FLOKI-USDT -0.01 Bear -6.377062e+07 -4.782797e+07 2024-01-07 2.798164e-05 3.425412e-05 Backtest FLOKI-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.594266e+07 2024-01-07
LINK-USDT -0.02 Bear -1.402000e+02 -9.340000e+01 2024-01-07 1.256204e+01 1.470236e+01 Backtest LINK-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.672187e+01 2024-01-07
UMA-USDT -0.02 Bear -7.454000e+02 -4.969000e+02 2024-01-07 1.754767e+00 2.157233e+00 Backtest UMA-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.484679e+02 2024-01-07
AAVE-USDT -0.02 Bear -5.700000e+00 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 8.910300e+01 1.067014e+02 Backtest AAVE-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 5.682320e+00 2024-01-07
API3-USDT -0.02 Bear -6.050000e+02 -3.025000e+02 2024-01-07 1.481451e+00 1.812046e+00 Backtest API3-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.024849e+02 2024-01-07
LPT-USDT -0.02 Bear -1.270000e+02 -6.350000e+01 2024-01-07 6.025754e+00 7.600337e+00 Backtest LPT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.350890e+01 2024-01-07
GNS-USDT -0.03 Neutral 0.000000e+00 6.695000e+02 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest GNS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.673824e+02 2024-01-07
DGB-USDT -0.06 Bear -8.087890e+04 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 8.000000e-03 9.236416e-03 Backtest DGB-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 8.087890e+04 2024-01-07
HIGH-USDT -0.09 Bear -7.884000e+02 -5.256000e+02 2024-01-07 1.302740e+00 1.683260e+00 Backtest HIGH-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.627978e+02 2024-01-07
COMBO-USDT -0.15 Bear -2.060600e+03 -1.373800e+03 2024-01-07 6.865073e-01 8.320927e-01 Backtest COMBO-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.868823e+02 2024-01-07
REN-USDT -0.16 Bear -1.382640e+04 -6.913200e+03 2024-01-07 5.326372e-02 6.772883e-02 Backtest REN-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 6.913191e+03 2024-01-07
NMR-USDT -0.21 Neutral 0.000000e+00 1.858000e+02 2024-01-07 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 Backtest NMR-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.644469e+01 2024-01-07
NFT-USDT -0.23 Bear -4.426351e+09 -2.213176e+09 2024-01-07 3.987040e-07 4.438880e-07 Backtest NFT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.213176e+09 2024-01-07
BAND-USDT -0.23 Bear -2.204000e+02 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 1.633300e+00 2.087040e+00 Backtest BAND-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.203904e+02 2024-01-07
SFP-USDT -0.29 Bear -1.900900e+03 -9.505000e+02 2024-01-07 6.495972e-01 7.548084e-01 Backtest SFP-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 9.504693e+02 2024-01-07
EDU-USDT -0.29 Bear -2.383100e+03 -1.588800e+03 2024-01-07 5.344780e-01 6.603620e-01 Backtest EDU-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 7.943818e+02 2024-01-07
STG-USDT -0.30 Bear -1.099300e+03 0.000000e+00 2024-01-07 5.009000e-01 5.918654e-01 Backtest STG-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.099320e+03 2024-01-07

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