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  • Default NAV for risk sizing is 5000 USD
Asset PredictionConfidence Trend Holding Holing(prior day) EntryDate EntryPrice StopLossPrice BacktestGraph Trade Unit_Size LatestDate
SOS-USDT 0.06 Bull 3019408801.8 0.0 2023-03-18 1.760000e-07 1.428809e-07 Backtest SOS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.019409e+09 2023-03-18
NYM-USDT -0.26 Bull 3857.1 1928.6 2023-03-18 2.966631e-01 2.448108e-01 Backtest NYM-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.928557e+03 2023-03-18

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