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  • Default NAV for risk sizing is 5000 USD
Asset PredictionConfidence Trend Holding Holing(prior day) EntryDate EntryPrice StopLossPrice BacktestGraph Trade Unit_Size LatestDate
CRO-USDT 0.14 Bear -4.379430e+04 -2.919620e+04 2023-03-09 6.741000e-02 7.426021e-02 Backtest CRO-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.459810e+04 2023-03-09
NFT-USDT 0.13 Bear -1.055859e+10 -7.918941e+09 2023-03-09 4.386290e-07 4.765129e-07 Backtest NFT-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.639647e+09 2023-03-09
XCN-USDT 0.07 Bear -1.445908e+05 -1.084431e+05 2023-03-09 7.366786e-03 1.013321e-02 Backtest XCN-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.614771e+04 2023-03-09
SOS-USDT 0.06 Bear -1.184858e+10 -7.899052e+09 2023-03-09 1.397403e-07 1.650597e-07 Backtest SOS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 3.949526e+09 2023-03-09
NYM-USDT -0.26 Bear -2.076300e+03 0.000000e+00 2023-03-09 2.441000e-01 2.922637e-01 Backtest NYM-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 2.076252e+03 2023-03-09
TON-USDT 0.00 Bear -4.320000e+02 -4.320000e+02 2023-03-07 2.258500e+00 2.489972e+00 Backtest TON-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 4.320179e+02 2023-03-09
LOOKS-USDT -0.23 Bear -5.504200e+03 -5.504200e+03 2023-03-03 1.695961e-01 2.411000e-01 Backtest LOOKS-USDT Trade Manually |Automation 1.376049e+03 2023-03-09

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